Dick Slaughter Rock 'n Roll Photography

Who is Dick Slaughter?

Dick Slaughter is one of the many alter-egos of Richard Johnson; international photographer and preeminent provocateur on the West Coast. For the last 40 years, Johnson's work as a visual artist, writer and performer in the Southern California art scene has been an indispensable contribution to California counter-culture. He is the Founder of the legendary AAA Electra 99 Art Museum and performance space in Orange County, which he ran from 1997 to 2013, hosting countless artists, musical acts and poets while staying true to the motto, "Any Art Accepted." Aside from Johnson's dedication as a gallery owner and resident artist, he's also helped foster the musical and artistic endeavors of many whose contributions are still being enjoyed.


Since closing AAA, Johnson is now exploring his passion for photography and journalism. With a keen artists' eye, his photos and unique and humorous writing style, he's contributed articles and slideshows to OC Weekly's concert and festivals coverage around the world.


Photo by Bridget Arias of Rocktography

Photo by Bridget Arias of Rocktography



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